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HELP! My Early Reader is Falling Behind

We are all struggling with the new normal. Remote learning is hard! Screen time is also a huge concern. Not a big fan of viruses to say the least. And the education options feel like a modern day Sophie's Choice (no good options if you're too young for that reference).


As working parents we at KCSP share fully in the well-founded concern about our children's education this upcoming semester. And as experts in pre-literacy and early literacy we know all too well that so many of our children are at such a critical stage of their development. Fortunately, we are in a unique position to help do something about it.

KCSP is now enrolling for our 12-week supplemental pre-literacy and early literacy instruction groups. We are experts in delivering evidence-based, systematic, explicit reading instruction and building skills needed to become proficient readers. Pricing starts at $45 per session and enrollment includes a diagnostic pre and post test to determine program placement and progress. We also offer personal reading intervention for all ages.

To put it like the old Hair Club for Men commercials (another dated reference), I'm not just the President of KCSP, I'm also a customer. In fact, my twin first graders were the first to enroll. Please contact us if your child could use a boost.

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